School of Civil Engineering

Dr. Reza Rafiee

University of Tehran

General Research Interest:

My research interest mainly focuses on Computational Mechanics and Numerical Simulation of the problems related to the field of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics/Dynamics

Geotechnical Engineering:

I have recently worked on the following subjects related to the field of Geotechnical Engineering:

- Design of wave barriers for mitigation of horizontal and vertical seismic waves

- Design of wave barriers for mitigation of train-induced vibrations

- Analytical and numerical simulation of the behavior of stone-columns

- Using Topology Optimization concepts in design of wave barriers

- Dynamic behavior of single and group piles

Computational Engineering Mechanics/Dynamics:

Dr. Samadzad (Assistant Professor at University of Tehran) and I have newly established a research laboratory named COMEND (Computational Mechanics and Engineering Dynamics) in which we do high-quality research in the fields of Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Dynamics, and Wave Propagation. A separate website is under preparation for COMEND lab and will be ready soon!